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What We're Doing to Protect You

At AngelicMatch we do everything humanly possible to ensure you have a safe and secure platform through which you can meet potential partners.

While most of the time our members are expected to use their common sense, we have developed systems where we have identified potential problem areas to help ensure your safety.

Protecting Your Privacy

Our site has been designed to protect your privacy as much as possible. To this end any profile images which can be seen by non-members are automatically pixellated, e-mail and telephone numbers are never displayed on-screen, and we provide you with your own member mailbox with a suite of tools to help you filter out unwanted messages from other members.

Your Photographs

Only other members of the site can view your approved uploaded photographs, meaning that any visitors to the site only ever get to see a pixelated version of your photograph.

Member Verification

We have developed a simple but effective member verification system, which helps you to know that the person you are speaking to is a real person. Our search tools also allow you to just view verified members, meaning that you can minimise any worries you may have in meeting someone through our platforms.

Online Scams/Hoaxes

While there are always new scams being developed, where we have identified those most likely to affect online dating websites, we have taken steps to ensure that you alerted to any possible attempts to scam you.

We regularly review problematic content added to our systems, and create new systems to provide you with inline protection.

You can read more about known scamming techniques here.

Last updated: Monday, 14th September 2015

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